Textbook of Cosmetic Formulation

By Dr. Preeti Singh, Dr. Gunjan Singh, Dr. Amrish Chandra, Dr. Bhavana Singh
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About The Book :

The "Textbook of Cosmetic Formulation" is an essential guide for students and industry professionals, offering a balanced approach to cosmetic science.

Purpose: This textbook simplifies cosmetic formulation, offering a structured approach to understanding complex processes. It empowers readers with the knowledge to excel in the dynamic field of cosmetics.

Scope: The textbook covers cosmetic science basics and emerging trends like sustainability, nanotechnology, and personalized skincare, offering insights into industry advancements.

Key Themes: Scientific Foundations: Learn the core principles of cosmetic science, covering chemistry, biology, and physics, to understand formulation better.

Formulation Techniques: Master formulation skills with detailed discussions on emulsions, suspensions, and delivery systems, unlocking the secrets to creating stable cosmetic products.

Ingredient Selection: Understand cosmetic ingredients, from botanical extracts to synthetics, and their roles in formulating products for different skin and hair types.

Emerging Technologies: Explore cutting-edge technologies like nanotechnology, 3D printing, and AI, and their applications in cosmetic formulation.

Consumer Trends: Adapt to changing consumer preferences, including clean beauty, personalized skincare, and sustainability, to meet market demands.

Regulatory Considerations: Navigate cosmetic regulations to ensure compliance with guidelines governing formulation and marketing.

About the Author :

Dr. Preeti Singh, Ph.D. from Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Rajasthan. With 8+ years of research and teaching experience, she received the 2019 Academic Excellence Award from JVWU, Jaipur. Dr. Singh has 22 publications in reputable journals, 4 patents, and authored 2 books along with 3 book chapters.

Dr. Gunjan holds a Ph.D. from AKTU and an M.Pharm from JSS College of Pharmacy, Ootacamund. Awarded the Gold Medal by the Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Chennai in 2009, for excellence in Pharmacology.

­­­Prof. Amrish Chandra, an accomplished academician and research scientist with over 20 years of ex­perience, holds a Ph.D. in Transdermal Drug Delivery System. With 100+ publications and an h-index of 21, he supervises 8 Ph.D. and 25 PG students. Chandra holds 14 Indian patents, with 5 granted.

Dr. Bhavana Singh, Ph.D (DIT University Dehradun, UK), has 8 years of experience and over 17 publications in national and international journals, 3 patents published.

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