Oil Terrorism Et al

By Dr. Kishore Vaangal
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Subject : (Geopolitics/Defence/IR)
About The Book :

The objective sought to be achieved is simple: after engaging in a sagacious exploration of the highly complex realms of energy security, jurisprudence, and geopolitics/geo-economics, the vexatious and life-threatening issue of Oil Terrorism has been discussed. This cognitive initiative, by definition, objectively interconnects observed phenomena into an everyday understanding of terrorism and its sources of funding via oil resources. As such, the realms of jurisprudence centric to mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations in the Oil and Gas verticals have been delineated to examine various crucial aspects studiously, and whilst doing so, ugly facets centric to corruption, cronyism, and money laundering, Et Al, have been discussed. The text of chapters 2 to 6 explicates on certain intricacies and inherent faux pas, and hence, it sets the stage for Chapter 7 which via building on the foundational perspectives of the earlier chapters goes on to evaluate and expound the complex landscape of energy security and the convoluted links to terrorism eventuated on by oil monies.

About the Author :

Dr. Kishore Vaangal, Ph.D., is an intellectual at heart, a compassionate capitalist, and an inveterate scholar. “Many Mistakes" is the title of his forthcoming biography and whilst he has served and continues/attempts to serve diligently and righteously as an entrepreneur (DICE verticals – Defense, Infrastructure, Climate Change, and Emerging Technologies) with a marked predilection for effectuating on inclusive growth, he remains steadfast in his commitment to upholding righteousness in all its hues even if were to mean and denote ... talking truth to power. Ejusdem Generis as an independent and unaffiliated scholar and governance evangelist ... he has worked astutely in the realms of Jurisprudence, Economics, Security Studies & Geostrategic Issues in a fearless and forthright manner. He has several feathers to his cap – seminal publications, prestigious global recognitions apropos eventuating on perceptive scholarship, effectuating on insightful mercantilism, and the aforementioned apart, he has several advanced accreditations to his credit from some of the most prestigious global institutions. Suffice it to state, he is committed to upholding the enlightened wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita in his forays – Entrepreneurship, political/corporate/economic/anti-terrorism Governance & Scholarship – Enlightened & Evolved SERVANT Leadership (Approaches based on Zero-tolerance to Corruption and Cronyism), inclusive growth, compassionate capitalism and in the dispassionate spread of knowledge. He features in the Who's Who of the World, and above all, his endeavors are always characterized by pristine ethical underpinnings.

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