Negotiation in Warfare Diplomacy

By Anindya Dutt
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Subject : (Geopolitics/Defence/IR)
About The Book :

"Negotiation in Warfare and Diplomacy" is not merely a historical retrospective; it also addresses contemporary challenges. The author discusses current geopolitical issues, demonstrating how negotiation continues to be a vital tool in resolving conflicts in today's rapidly changing world, the author provides a rich tapestry of examples that highlight the evolution of negotiation strategies across different eras. The text offers an in-depth analysis of diplomatic negotiations, exploring the nuanced techniques employed by statesmen and diplomats. The book goes beyond traditional perspectives on warfare by exploring how negotiations influence military strategies and tactics. It examines instances where military conflicts were resolved through negotiation, as well as scenarios where negotiations failed, leading to prolonged or escalated hostilities. The author dives into how asymmetries in power can influence negotiations and shape the outcomes of conflicts. Through real-world examples, readers gain an understanding of how leverage and influence play critical roles in the negotiation process. Focusing on the role of negotiations in crisis management, the book explores how leaders navigate high-stakes situations. It analyzes the strategies employed to de-escalate crises, prevent conflicts, and find diplomatic solutions to complex geopolitical challenges. This book is an essential read for scholars, policymakers, and anyone interested in understanding the intricate dance of negotiation in the realms of both war and diplomacy.

About the Author :

Anindya Dutt is a distinguished expert in psychology and negotiation, renowned for her profound insights and contributions to these fields. With extensive experience as a consultant for merchant navy companies and governments, her expertise is widely recognized and sought after globally. Anindya Dutt's consultancy roles have enabled her to provide invaluable guidance on psychological dynamics and negotiation strategies in high-stakes environments. Her deep understanding of human behavior and effective negotiation techniques has significantly influenced both private enterprises and public sector entities. Her commitment to advancing knowledge and practical applications in psychology and negotiation underscores her impactful contributions to professional practice and academic discourse alike.

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