Navigating Jihad: Histories and Modern Realities

By Mansukh Srivastava
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Subject : (Geopolitics/Defence/IR)
About The Book :

In the complex landscape of global affairs, few subjects evoke as much intrigue, controversy, and concern as "Jihad" in "Navigation Through Jihad: Understanding Motivations, Histories, and Modern Realities," the veil is lifted on this multifaceted concept, offering readers a comprehensive exploration that goes beyond the surface to uncover the intricacies that have shaped its evolution. This book presents a meticulous examination of the motivations that have driven individuals and groups to embrace the concept of jihad. It seeks to disentangle the myriad of factors that contribute to this phenomenon, ranging from historical narratives to socio-political contexts, religious interpretations, and more. With a balanced and objective approach, the book aims to provide readers with a nuanced understanding that transcends sensationalism. With an emphasis on factual accuracy and depth, the book aims to highlight the modern manifestations of Jihad.The ultimate goal is to provide readers with a foundation for understanding, a framework for critical thinking, and an appreciation for the intricate layers that comprise the concept of jihad in the global context.

About the Author :

Mansukh Srivastava is a distinguished scholar with a profound expertise in Islamic studies. His journey into the heart of Islamic culture and religion has taken him on a remarkable voyage across the globe, as he endeavors to unravel the compelxities and diversity of the faith. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he has explored almost every corner of the Islamic world, immersing himself in its teachings and traditions. Imagine Mansukh as an explorer who trekked through the pages of history and walked the streets of different nations to grasp the essence of Islam and "Jihad". He tries to connect the dots to create a more comprehensive understanding of this global religion. Mansukh's travels haven't just been about seeing places; they've been a journey into the hearts and minds of people who practice Islam. He listens to their stories, learns from their experiences, and gains insights that only personal interactions can provide. This has equipped him with a unique perspective that extends beyond books and theories.


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