Environmental Governance in India: Exploring National and International Perspectives

By Dr. Sanjay Sharma
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Subject : (Geopolitics/Defence/IR)
About The Book :

Our pursuit of material development is largely responsible for the present environmental crises. The environmentalists are demanding recognition of nature's rights to restore the environmental degradation. In the environmental discourse, we find two diverse perspectives namely- homocentric and ecocentric. The homocentric perspective holds that man's interests/rights prevail over the rest of nature. Alternatively, the ecocentric perspective emphasises that man owes a responsibility to nature. However, how to define the rights of nature is a problematic issue and this is the focal point of environmental governance. Nevertheless, it has been strongly argued by political theorists that nature has its rights, and man has a moral responsibility to protect these rights. In this context, the present book explores environmental governance in India with national and international perspectives. It questions our model of development, emphasises the right of nature, and explores environment-friendly ways of development. In the discourse of environmental governance, it critically applies relevant case studies with theoretical analysis.

About the Author :

Dr Sanjay Sharma is presently posted as an Associate Professor, in the Department of Politics and International Studies, at Pondicherry University. His areas of specialisation are Political ecology focusing on the public policy of climate change, environmental governance, and disaster management. His expertise also extends to exploring the political economy of the issues of political ecology. He has produced quality research work in journals of national and international reputations like Sage and Songdo Journal of Social Sciences (Incheon University, South Korea). He has also contributed 10 book chapters with quality publication houses such as Bloomsbury and Orient Black Swan. He has completed one major research project on the Role of Panchayati Raj and Disaster Management and is currently working on another major project on the Inclusion of the Informal Sector in Waste Management. He has rich academic experience of 12 years in teaching and guiding research scholars in central universities and institutions of national importance like Motilal Nehru College (University of Delhi), Army Cadet College (Indian Military Academy), and Pondicherry University. He has also presented his research work on international platforms in academic bodies like the International Studies Association (USA), the International Geographical Union (Europe), and the Academic Council of the United Nations System (USA). 

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