Dynamic Partnership China and Russia in Military and Space

By DK Patnaik
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Subject : (Geopolitics/Defence/IR)
About The Book :

Over the past two decades, the relationship between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Russia has transitioned from what some described as a relationship of convenience to what both countries now call a “comprehensive strategic partnership.” The growing strategic partnership between China and Russia is reflected in a burgeoning China-Russia space and military relationship. Once the dominant power in the space relationship, Russia now appears to be taking a secondary role. China's growing expertise in space, matched with the financial capabilities to sustain a large and growing space enterprise, signals not only China's rise as a major space power but also the geopolitical transition taking place between China, Russia, and the United States. Any limitations of the China-Russia relationship do not appear to be significant enough to derail the broader relationship. Indeed, not only do Beijing and Moscow seem to have successfully compartmentalized such irritants, but bilateral cooperation in sensitive dual-use areas of scientific and technological research suggests that they may be gradually overcoming—or are working to overcome—their mutual mistrust. As we embark on this journey through the intertwined realms of military strategy and space exploration, we invite readers to explore the depths of this dynamic partnership and the future of international relations.

About the Author :

Dr. D K Patnaik is a distinguished scholar and expert in the field of geopolitics, with a profound commitment to understanding the intricate dynamics that shape the global geopolitical landscape. Holding a Ph.D. from a prestigious university in Ethiopia, He has dedicated his academic pursuits to explore the complexities of international relations, particularly focusing on the intersections of politics, strategy, and global affairs. His work reflects a deep intellectual curiosity and a commitment to contributing valuable insights to the discourse surrounding contemporary geopolitical challenges. As a seasoned academician, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a global perspective to his analysis of geopolitical issues. His research not only draws from the rich tapestry of academic scholarship but also benefits from his firsthand experiences and observations, allowing readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities inherent in the ever-changing geopolitical arena.

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