Countering Radicalisation and Terrorism

By VS Sripal
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Subject : (Geopolitics/Defence/IR)
About The Book :

The rise of extremist ideologies and the spread of radicalisation have emerged as critical challenges for governments and societies around the world. The use of violence to achieve political or ideological goals has resulted in tragic consequences, and the threat of terrorism continues to loom large. In response, many countries have developed policies and strategies to counter radicalisation and prevent the spread of extremist ideologies. This book explores the concept of counter-radicalisation and the various approaches taken by governments, civil society organizations, and other actors to address this complex challenge. It examines the underlying causes of radicalisation, the factors that contribute to its spread, and the strategies that have been developed to prevent it. This book will be of interest to policymakers, practitioners, scholars, and students who seek a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in countering radicalisation. The insights and analysis provided in this volume will be invaluable for those involved in developing and implementing effective strategies to prevent the spread of extremist ideologies and promote a more peaceful and secure world.

About the Author :

Dr V S Sripal is Senior Lecturer in African Centre of Strategic Studies. His main research interests are identity politics, ethnic conflict, and terrorism and counter-terrorism.  His dedication to shedding light on identity politics, ethnic conflict, terrorism, and counter-terrorism has not only enriched scholarly discourse but has also illuminated the path toward a more informed and interconnected world. His work serves as an enduring source of knowledge and inspiration for those who strive to understand and navigate the complexities of our international landscape. Dr. Sripal is also an inspiring educator who imparts his expertise to the next generation of global citizens. His teaching approach is a harmonious blend of theoretical foundations and real-world applications, fostering critical thinking and a deep understanding of the intricate connections that bind nations, cultures, and individuals.His research also extends to the complex realm of counter-terrorism, where he explores the intricate dance between security measures and the preservation of civil liberties.

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