China and Taiwan Crossing the Strait

By Ashok Kavi
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Subject : (Geopolitics/Defence/IR)
About The Book :

"China and Taiwan: Crossing the Strait" dives into the complex dynamics between China and Taiwan, offering a nuanced exploration through its diverse chapters. From dissecting Taiwan's aspirations for reunification to unravelling the intricacies of cross-strait relations and China's expansion tactics, the book navigates the geopolitical landscape with precision. Topics like "Social Entrepreneurship in Post-Developmental State Taiwan" and "Chinese Youth Nationalism" provide a fresh perspective on societal aspects. The book also scrutinizes economic ties, tracing the trajectory of Taiwanese investment in China and examining cross-strait economic connections. Readers also witness the evolution of identities in Taiwan during Ma Ying-jeou's era and gain insights into U.S. security relations with Taiwan. The narrative extends to the identity shifts among Taiwanese in mainland China, contemplating the pivotal question of whether to pivot, hedge, or ally. The comprehensive exploration concludes with an in-depth analysis of Xi Jinping's Taiwan policy. "Crossing the Strait" is a thought-provoking journey through the multifaceted aspects shaping the delicate relationship between China and Taiwan.

About the Author :

Ashok Kavi stands as a luminary in the field of geopolitics, earning renown for his insightful and comprehensive analyses of China-related geopolitical dynamics. With a distinguished career dedicated to unraveling the complexities of international relations, Kavi has become a respected author on the intricate interplay between China and the global stage. Possessing a profound understanding of East Asian affairs, Kavi's work looks into the multifaceted layers of China's geopolitical strategies, offering readers an invaluable perspective on the nation's role in shaping contemporary global politics. His scholarship extends beyond mere observations, as he navigates through the historical, political, and economic landscapes that define China's interactions with the world. In addition to his written contributions, Ashok Kavi is often sought after as a speaker and commentator on issues related to China's geopolitical ambitions. His engaging and thought-provoking presentations further underscore his commitment to fostering a deeper comprehension of the forces shaping the 21st-century geopolitical landscape.

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