Changing Facets of Indo-Russian Strategic Relations

By Satish Kundu
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Subject : (Geopolitics/Defence/IR)
About The Book :

The present book deals with changing trajectories of Indo-Russian Strategic relations. Its basic feature has  undergone a paradigm shift but its salient character still remains the same. On the contrary, the character of its  relationship has grown in strength for last seven and half decades after India's Independence. The book has Seven  Chapters in all, starting with Introduction, Second and the Third Chapter cover the period of Cold War era and  new economic reforms that ushered in 1989. The fourth and the Fifth chapter of the book underlines the features of  post cold war era and change in International World Order. The Sixth chapter of the book provides new narratives  on Indo-Russian Security Environment and strategic collaborations in the defence sector. The Seventh chapter of  the book makes interesting observations and shift in India's independent stand in the wake of Russian Ukraine  War. The remarkable feature of India has been that despite pressures from emergent super powers, it has continued  to maintain its neutral position much to the advantage of its distinct strategic position in ever changing world  order.


About the Author :

Dr. Satish Kundu (b. 1973) has been a dedicated and committed Research Scholar in the Department of Defence & Strategic Studies, M. D. University Rohtak. He obtained his Master's degree (for which he was awarded a Gold Medal) from the University in which he worked on 'India's Relations with Her Neighbours (1996).' Thereafter, he pursued his research interest in defence studies. He worked for his Ph.D. on 'Indo-Russian Strategic Relations and India's Security in 21st Century.' He was awarded Ph.D. Degree from the department in 2011. The credit goes to him for keeping himself abreast with new developments that marked the change in Indo-Russian Strategic Relationships after cold war period. He couldn't restrained himself in pursuing the topic of his research by revising his thesis in the wake of Russia-Ukraine crisis which had tremendous impact on world over. He seized an opportunity to upgrade his Ph.D. work and decided to revise his thesis in the form of a book covering the latest shift in strategic relationships between India and Russia.

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